Have you tried greyscale coloring yet?

Some of you may have already heard of greyscale coloring and may not know exactly what it or is, or maybe this is the first time you are hearing about it. It’s a very recent trend in the adult coloring book world and it’s catching on fast. I must admit even I was a bit skeptical at first but it really is so much fun and the results you can achieve will surprise you!

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What is greyscale coloring?

Essentailly greyscale coloring is where you get a coloring book that is filled with black and grey images and color over the top of them. This may sound like it’s very limiting seeing as most people instantly think it’s just a case of putting some color over the top and that’s it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth as you will find out (this is why they take some explaining to people who haven’t really heard about them before).

What can I use to colour them?

The medium you choose is entirely up to you. You have a lot more freedom over what you use to color greyscale coloring books because of the amazing artistic freedom they give you due to having no solid lines to fill. Usually people will use fine markers or colored pencils for their coloring books and that’s it. With greyscale you can literally use anything you like and still get fantasic results! I mean, imagine using oil pastels to color in an intricate zentangle design! It just wouldn’t work.

People are getting a fantastic range of results from their greyscale books using everything from watercolor pencils and a blending brush to pastels blended with baby oil! Of course you can use standard coloring pencils too and still get incredible results. It really is entirely up to you! The following images are some examples we found that really stand out:

greyscale coloring

Image Credit – www.huelish.com

So as you can see from the above images, you have so much creative freedom when coloring a greyscale book and the results look incredible! You can even go so far as to use mixed media and really let your creative side out.

Recommended Video

This video by a lovely lady named Alison is a great example of how you can use simple colored pencils to color a greyscale coloring page of a dog. Notice how she uses a cool dark color for the shadows in the image and doesn’t just leave them grey/black. You should always try and cover every inch of the page, including the black. It makes a difference!

So, I hope that helps you get to grips with the idea of greyscale coloring a bit better! Here at Adult Coloring World we are expanding our range of books to incorporate a new line called “Greyscale Coloring World” as we are so crazy about these wonderful books since trying it.




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