Submit Your Coloring Book Ideas to Win a Free Copy!

Here at Adult Coloring World we are constantly trying to come up with new and exiting ways to engage with our wonderful customers and get you all involved in our little world! Well, we think we have come up with a really good one this time.

We are always trying to think up new and creative ideas and themes for our books, then we realized that there is no one better to ask for advice on this topic than the people who are actually coloring them. So here is your chance to have your say and get us to make your book idea into a reality!

If we use your idea, we will not only credit you at the beginning of the book but we will also send you the first ever copy that we print, fresh of the press as soon as it’s ready for production.

So, if you like the sound of that then you can fill out the quick and easy form by clicking here.



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