Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults

We have just released our new flagship Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults and we think it definitely our best one yet!

If you hadn’t noticed yet, there has been a big influx of Swear Word Coloring Books on Amazon, with a lot of these books ranking in the top 1000 books on the whole of Amazon! Now this is incredible even by coloring book standards.

We can proudly say we were among the first to bring a swear word coloring book out, just before every other coloring book publisher started jumping on my hype train! As this influx of books happened we noticed that a lot of publishers were really rushing their books to get them out as quick as possible, leading to extremely sub-quality books. However, here at Adult Coloring World have really taken our time over this next offering we have for you all.

This book really is high quality, with a variety of patterns overlaid with swear words in cursive style text. We find the irony of having such vulgar words in a nice script over lovely patterns hilarious and so we had a lot of fun making this one to say the least!

You can get your copy of this new swear word coloring book on Amazon right now by clicking here.



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